The Soft Bulletin

Release Date: June 22, 1999

Label: Warner Bros. Records

The Flaming Lips are Wayne Coyne, Michael Ivins,
and Steven Drozd

Produced by The Flaming Lips, Dave Fridmann, and Scott Booker
Additional Production and Mixing by Peter Mokran
Additional Bass by Scott Bennett
Engineered by Dave Fridmann and Michael Ivins
Mixed by The Flaming Lips and Dave Fridmann
Mastered by Steve Hall
Art by George Salisbury
Photos by Lawrence Schiller (cover)
Design by George Salisbury

Recorded at Tarbox Road Studios in Cassadaga, New York April 1997-February 1999

All songs written by The Flaming Lips and published by Lovely Sorts Of Death (BMI)

The US version of The Soft Bulletin was issued shortly after the UK version and included the track, "The Spiderbite Song," while omitting "Slow Motion."

I Am Not On Drugs...yet.

I sometimes think about how quiet the world must have been, maybe a hundred years ago. I say that, having just come back from a walk outside (outside the recording studio which is in Cassadaga, a sparse farming community in western New York) and it was so dark I could not even see my own feet as I walked. But more startling was what I could hear...?? I could hear everything... but it made so little clatter that the mere volume of my breathing drowned out the entire world.... I thought, "How torturous this soundlessness would be, a hundred or so years ago, when music and the noises that surround us today - like even just the whir of the refrigerator - could give no shelter from the dead silences that easily provoke anxiety in someone with a troubled mind... not to have the slightest distraction from your worries could prove to be unbearable." My imagination stops in fear that if, for some reason, the molecular structure of our atmosphere shifted slightly and all sounds ceased - not hearing, but sounds - for even just twenty-four hours, the suicides could be in the millions, myself perhaps included.

Track List

US Version
1. Race For The Prize (Mokran Remix)
2. A Spoonful Weighs A Ton
3. The Spark That Bled (The Softest Bullet Ever Shot)
4. The Spiderbite Song
5. Buggin’ (The Buzz Of Love Is Busy Buggin' You)
6. What Is The Light? (An untested hypothesis suggesting that the chemical [in our brains] by which we are able to experience the sensation of being in love is the same chemical that caused the "Big Bang" that was the birth of the accelerating universe)
7. The Observer
8. Waitin’ For A Superman (Is It Gettin' Heavy??)
9. Suddenly Everything Has Changed (Moments of routine and boredom that cause you to daydream or reflect on the nature of reality sometimes with maddeningly melancholy results)
10. The Gash (Battle Hymn For The Wounded Mathematician)
11. Feeling Yourself Disintegrate
12. Sleeping On The Roof (Excerpt From "Should We Keep The Severed Head Awake??")
13. Race For The Prize (Sacrifice Of The New Scientists)
14. Waitin’ For A Superman (Mokran Remix)



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