Readymades And Then Some (Chumbawamba)

Release Date: October 21, 2003

Label: Koch Records

Track List

Disc One (CD)
1. Salt Fare, North Sea
2. Jacob's Ladder
3. All In Vain
4. Home With Me
5. If It Is to Be, It Is up to Me
6. Don't Try This at Home
7. Song for Len Shackleton
8. Without Reason or Rhyme (The Killing of Harry Stanley)
9. Don't Pass Go
10. One Way or the Other
11. When I'm Bad
12. Sewing Up Crap
13. After Shelly
14. Jacob's Ladder (Not in My Name)

Disc Two (DVD)
1. Well Done, Now Sod Off (A Film About Chumbawamba)
2. Tubtumping (The Flaming Lips and Dave Fridmann Remix)
3. Salt Fare, North Sea (Remix)



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