Release Date: January 17, 1992

Label: No. 6

This compilation includes solo guitar pieces by various notable indie rockers from the time; Wayne Coyne is credited for the instrumental, "I Want to Kill My Brother; The Cymbal Head," but Jonathan Donahue and Scott Booker also contributed guitar parts to the track.

Track List

1. Overture - Sonic Boom [Spaceman]
2. Tar, Iodine, Blood + Rust - Kurt Ralske [Ultra Vivid Scene]
3. I Really Can't Say - Kathy Korniloff [Two Nice Girls]
4. Longwood Mansion - Jeffrey Evans [Gibson Brothers]
5. I Want to Kill My Brother; The Cymbal Head - Wayne Coyne [The Flaming Lips]
6. A Little Ethnic Song - J Mascis [Dinosaur Jr.]
7. West Broadway - Dean Wareham [Galaxie 500]
8. Guitarrorists Theme - Mark E. Robinson [Unrest]
9. Mariposa - Marc Gentry [Rein Sanction]
10. Where's Gitchi Oombigat At? - Dave Rick [King Missle]
11. Bruise Violet - Kat Bjellend [Babes in Toyland]
12. Blues for Spacegirl - Thurston Moore [Sonic Youth]
13. Green Volcano - Helios Creed [Chrome]
14. Guitar Wank-Off #13 - Tom Hazelmeyer [Halo of Flies]
15. Fillipé Mepelpeepe - Paul Leary [Butthole Surfers]
16. Dark Field - Nick Salomon [Bevis Frond]
17. Sound as Steel - Don Fleming [Gumball]
18. Kitten - Kim Gordon [Sonic Youth]
19. Cats Cradle - Nikki Sudden
20. Ovulation Always Brings Me Down - Kramer [Bongwater]
21. Fallen off the Rocks - Neil Haggerty [Royal Trux]
22. Hoichi the Earless - Wayne Rogers [Crystalized Movements]
23. Spider Plum - Rick McCollum [Afgan Whigs]
24. Always Late - Marcy Mays [Scrawl]
25. Here - Lee Renaldo [Sonic Youth]
26. Nutty About Lemurs - Steve Albini [Big Black]




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