The Fearless Freaks

Release Date: May 17, 2005

Released by Shout Factory, with Jagged Edge, Action Figure, and BWNoise

The Flaming Lips are Wayne Coyne, Michael Ivins, Steven Drozd, and Kliph Scurlock, and have included Ronald Jones, Jonathan Donahue, Richard English, Nathan Roberts, Dave Kostka, and Jon Mooneyham

Director: Bradley Beesley
Producer: Rick Fuller
Editor: Jolynn Garnes
Executive Producers: Ryan Dolan and Dan Jagunich
Associate Producers: Scott Booker and Damon Cook
Directors Of Photography: Bradley Beesley and Mark Miks
Still Photography: J. Michelle Martin-Coyne

Official Website:

Two men watching an invisible striptease... one is bleeding... one has a camera

We'd been making music videos almost since the very beginning. In 1983, when The Flaming Lips started, music videos were taking over. Believe it or not, MTV used Oklahoma City as a kind of test market to see if their network could appeal to Middle America, and it sure did! MTV first exposed us to a lot of the bands that we like (Echo and the Bunnymen, Psychedelic Furs.) I still remember Public Image Limited's first video showing Jah Wobble playing bass while sitting down. Michael and I thought it was so cool and so radical back then -- it still is, I believe, the reason that Michael sits in a chair on stage even today. So, we embraced the idea of making music videos. Even when the indie/underground scene occasionally dismissed them as corporate marketing, we always considered making a music video as just another opportunity to experiment with film.

Track List

1. Preview Montage
2. Opening Credits
3. Bradley's Voice Over Intro
4. "The Gash" With Band Intro
5. Early Days 1983-1989
6. Wayne Revisits Long John Silver's
7. Steven's Family Jam
8. Wayne Tours His Neighborhood
9. Tommy's Back Story
10. Fearless Freaks Football
11. The Lean Years
12. Getting Signed To Warner Bros.
13. Fiery Freakout
14. Dingus Quits
15. Steven And Ronald Join
16. Michael Montage
17. "She Don't Use Jelly" 1993-94
18. Clouds Taste Metallic Sessions 94-95
19. Parking Lot - Boombox - Zaireeka
20. The Soft Bulletin 1998-2000
21. Christmas On Mars 2001-204
22. Steven's Candid Tale On Drugs
23. Fake Blood And Miles Davis
24. Super Fans
25. Wayne The Hard Worker
26. Wayne's Father
27. Epilogue

Bonus Features:
Commentary with Wayne Coyne, Michael Ivins, Steven Drozd, Bradley Beesley, Scott Booker, and Kliph Scurlock

Deleted Scenes:
Wayne's Childhood Days
Wayne And Steven Chat About Their Big Brothers
Jack White Interview And Live Song (Seven Nation Army)
Super Fans "Balloon Girls"

Backstage At Austin City Limits
Shopping Cart Guy
Wayne At Long John Silver's
Clouds Taste Metallic Sessions
Cory Explains Animal Costumes
Wayne As Santa

Live Clips:
Rainin' Babies (January 28, 1995 Norman, Oklahoma)
Mountain Side (April 10, 1990 Norman, Oklahoma)
Let Me Be It (October 17, 1990 Norman, Oklahoma)
Take Meta Mars (December 7, 1991 Noble, Oklahoma)
One Million Billionth Of A Millisecond On A Sunday Morning 1988

Photo Slide Show (20 minutes)

Flaming Lips Songs Featured In The Film:
Fight Test
Can't Stop The Spring
Man From Pakistan
Lightning Strikes The Postman
In The Morning Of The Magicians
A Spoonful Weighs A Ton
Unconsciously Screamin'
The Captain Is A Cold Hearted And Egotistical Fool
Country Sun
The Gash
Godzilla Flick
Just Like Before
Charlie Manson Blues
One Million Billionth Of A Millisecond On A Sunday Morning
A Pause For A Case Of Doubt
Halloween On The Barbary Coast
Smoking A 'J' With The Fearless Freaks
Enthusiasm For Life Defeats Internal Existential Fear
Bag Full Of Thoughts
Shine On Sweet Jesus
Lucifer Rising
Mountain Side
Talkin' 'Bout The Smiling Deathporn Immortality Blues (Everyone Wants To Live Forever)
Take Meta Mars
God Walks Among Us Now
Bad Days
The Abandoned Hospital Ship
Turn It On
She Don't Use Jelly
Riding To Work In The Year 2025
Psychiatric Explorations Of The Fetus With Needles
Guy Who Got A Headache And Accidentally Saves The World
March Of The Rotten Vegetables
Okay I'll Admit That I Really Don't Understand
Sleeping On The Roof
Feeling Yourself Disintegrate
Suddenly Everything Has Changed
Waitin' For A Superman
Planet Of The Freaks
Christmas At The Zoo
It's Christmas Time Again
Melancholy Remembrance
Slow Nerve Action
The Spark That Bled
Dear Old Fredonia
Race For The Prize
Do You Realize??
We Sing To The Oracle
The Sun
Let Me Be It
Rainin' Babies

Songs By Other Artists Featured In The Film:
Baba O'Riley (The Who)
Mexican Polka (Vernon Drozd)
I'm Gonna Find Me A Woman (James Drozd)
Cherub (Butthole Surfers)



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