U.F.O.s At The Zoo

Release Date: August 21, 2007

Label: Warner Bros. Records

I Want to Become the Aurora Borealis

Nothing could have prepared us, back in 1987, for the colossal, ghost in the sky star-gate glow of the Aurora Borealis as it came into view through our windshield. We got out of the van and stood in awe and divine curiosity watching this pulsating light curtain dancing above our heads. But, not just above our heads… but above the world… I mean, it stretched to infinity or… it was infinity … and it trampled us. But, it was a joyous trampling and we surrendered and gladly became insignificant dust under its super cosmic god beams… We stood there so transfixed by this northern light light-show that we, momentarily, did not notice that it was a freezing Canadian winter night… And, for whatever can be expressed about such an unspeakable thing, we lost a sense of being.

Track List

1. "The Freaks Get Restless and Wake the Animals"
2. "The Mothership Descends"
3. "Race For the Prize"
4. "Free Radicals"
5. "Expecting Everyone's Head to Explode"
6. "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots"
7. "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Part 2"
8. "Should We Free the Animals?"
9. "Vein of Stars"
10. "Hot Dog Eating Contest"
11. "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song"
12. "The Spark That Bled"
13. "Preparing the U.F.O. Mothership"
14. "The W.A.N.D."
15. "My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion"
16. "Santas and Aliens"
17. "She Don't Use Jelly"
18. "Do You Realize??"
19. "How Much Red Duct Tape?"
20. "A Spoonful Weighs A Ton"
21. "Captain America Splits the Audience"
22. "Love Yer Brain"
23. "The Mothership Departs"
24. "The Greatest Audience in the Galaxy"


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