20 Years of Weird: Flaming Lips 1986-2006

Release Date: October 16, 2006

Label: Warner Bros. Records

The Flaming Lips are Wayne Coyne, Michael Ivins, and Steven Drozd and have included Ronald Jones, Jonathan Donahue, Nathan Roberts, and Richard English

Produced by The Flaming Lips and Dave Fridmann
Engineered by Dave Fridmann, Keith Cleversly, and Michael Ivins
Mixed by The Flaming Lips and Dave Fridmann
Mastered by Dave Fridmann
Photos by J. Michelle Martin
Design by George Salisbury

All songs written by The Flaming Lips and published by Lovely Sorts Of Death (BMI) except "Whole Lotta Love," written by Led Zeppelin and "Space Age Love Song," written by A Flock Of Seagulls

This is an expanded official commercial release of a promo that was a bootleg giveaway at the premiere screening of The Fearless Freaks. "Free Radicals" and "Enthusiasm For Life Defeats Internal, Existential Fear" are the studio versions of these songs, while the rest are live recordings from throughout the band's history. The liner notes declare the album to be "A Lusus Naturae Collection: Old & New, Live & Radical."

20 Years of Weird: Flaming Lips 1986-2006




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