Imagene Peise: Atlas Eets Christmas

Release Date: December 13, 2007

Atlas Eets Christmas was a promo release of consisting of instrumental versions of classic Christmas songs under the name Imagene Peise. The title track was the only original composition, as well as the only song to feature vocals. The credited personnel on the album were Imagene Peise on Piano, Ominog Bangh on the Laughing/Crying Glider Synthesizer, and Shineyu Bhupal on Drones, Sitar, and Baritone Tambura. The Binson Echorec was also used on multiple tracks.

The album was released in December 2007 on a Myspace page and left to word of mouth promotion thereafter. Though there were clearly stylistic similarities to the Lips' music and graphic design, the album was released with a deadpan background story and mock Rolling Stone article on the Laughing/Crying Glider Synthesizer, and the Lips made no references to the work for the first two years after its release.

A limited amount of physical copies of Atlas Eets Christmas were produced; the only reference to the Flaming Lips on the album was on the security sticker, which stated "Love Is The Answer - Merry Christmas From The Flaming Lips 2007."

In December 2009, a new track recorded in the Atlas Eets Christmas style, "Frosty The Snowman (Frosteeeee)" appeared on the Lips and Imagene Peise Myspace pages. In 2010 another new track, "Merry Christmas To You," surfaced on the Imagene Peise Youtube page.

Album Notes / Backstory
In a world full of mysterious and timely entities, no one could be more exotic or more relevant. Imagene Peise is believed to have lived for a short time in Tikrit, Iraq. Her exact birthday is unknown. She is rumored to be just 18 at the time of this recording. Her extraordinary talent as a master jazz pianist at such a young age should, alone, put her in the realm of the stellar.

Available here for the first time Ms. Peise's Atlas Eets Christmas is a strange and beautiful experience. Little is known of her musical and recording life. Most of what is known is shrouded in clouds of legend and smoke of myth. But what is clear is her expressive playing and her unique arrangements.

The Atlas Eets Christmas collection is said to be a rehearsal for a doomed or poorly recorded session. But what an inspired OdoomedO session it turned out to be. The forgotten facts of the trio that accompanies her will perhaps be invisible to us forever. But, as we hear, Imagene is not the only musical star shining through. Ominog Bangh the synthesizer virtuoso (playing the outmoted The Laughing/Crying Glider Synthesizer) and Indian classical musician Shineyu Bhupal are obvious, added other-worldly treats.

Atlas Eets Christmas stands as a missed opportunity. It's uncanny coincidence of a Middle Eastern talent embracing such American themes (jazz piano, Silver Bells and Winter Wonderland) as we know now, are glimpses of a future that was never to be. With her powerful message of kindness and peace we can only imagine if Ms. Peise had become an international star her influence could have, in some other space and time, prevented the current apocalyptic environment.

We can not know if her story is truly triumphant or sad. She is rumored to have committed suicide in 1978. But if she really is gone from this world in the physical sense then she is gloriously hovering above us in the metaphysical dimension as a source of sublime pleasure and reassurance anytime we need her. By playing this CD she is reanimated and we are once again comforted by her loving vision.

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