Unconsciously Screamin' EP

Release Date: January 1, 1990

Label: Atavistic

The Flaming Lips are Wayne Coyne, Michael Ivins, Jonathan Donahue, and Nathan Roberts

Produced by The Flaming Lips and Dave Fridmann
Engineered by Dave Fridmann
Mixed by The Flaming Lips and Dave Fridmann
Mastered by Dave Fridmann
Design by Wayne Coyne

Recorded at the State University of New York in Fredonia, New York January 1990

All songs written by The Flaming Lips and published by Lovely Sorts Of Death (BMI)

Unknown 1990 release date; the date listed is a placeholder.

This EP was recorded after In A Priest Driven Ambulance. It was pressed on a transparent 12-inch brown vinyl and packaged in a unique holographic sleeve.


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