Do You Realize?? Video UK Version

Directed by: Wayne Coyne and Bradley Beesley

Wayne's Notes from V.O.I.D.

Four bored farm girls lament about how nothing exciting ever happens to them... they get stoned and an apparition of a glowing singing man appears -- he is accompanied by giant rabbits with sparkling spheres.

Wayne's Notes from the Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots 5.1 DVD

I called Bradley (Beesley) at about 3:00 on the afternoon of the shoot and explained to him my concept for a video. A bunch of bored farm girls are getting stoned and out of nowhere a glowing man playing guitar singing words of wisdom appears. He's accompanied by two giant rabbits holding magical spheres... the girls are so excited to see the rabbits that they take off their clothes...

Do You Realize?? Video UK Version

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