Race For The Prize Video

Directed by: Wayne Coyne and Bradley Beesley

Wayne's Notes from V.O.I.D.

"Olympic runner with technical devices being measured by men in yellow suits... a motorcyclist tries to hurt him -- the band plays in a garden auditorium with droopy yellow tuba section."

Wayne's Notes from The Soft Bulletin 5.1 DVD

"It must have been the summer olympics of 1968?? or 1972...Anyway... My brothers and I became admirers of "the plight of the long distance runner." There was something epic in the struggle of the individual that we were drawn to and, I believe, the sound of 'Race for the Prize' must have triggered these hallucinogenic memories from deep inside my reptilian child mind... My brother Ken is the runner and my brother Marty is the guy on the motercycle... Also Ken's son Dennis is one of the yellow raincoat runners."

Race For The Prize

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