Waitin' For A Superman Video

Directed By: Wayne Coyne and Bradley Beesley

Wayne's Notes from V.O.I.D.

Concerned little boy finds wizardly cape and makes blood return to injured man's head.

Wayne's Notes from The Soft Bulletin 5.1 DVD

The image of the little boy comforting he distraught father is a concept that I had considered as a story, of some kind, for quite a while. I had stumbled upon a picture in a war photojournalism book of this traumatized, Vietnamese family sitting on a bench in a makeshift hospital waiting room. The father is in obvious psychological pain while the kids seem unable to understand his suffering... Yet they are very concerned about him and wish they could, somehow, help.

In the video story the little boy is Rayce (my brother Marty's son) and he is the perfect embodiment of the sympathetic child. Thanks to Bradley's wonderful camera worl (as always) in capturing the playfulness and inserting a magical realism into my simple idea.

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