02-08-1988 Norman OK USA

Venue: University Of Oklahoma Student Union

Opening Band: Angst

"Whole Lotta Love" from this performance was nicknamed "Whole Lotta Satan," due to Wayne changing some of the song's lyrics. "Scratchin' The Door" was an extended jam featuring multiple covers, as well as the "U.F.O. Story" instrumental riff (the story had been recited earlier, as part of "Jesus Shootin' Heroin").


Audio was Recorded

FLACs are Available for Download
1988-02-08 Download 536MB

Great to excellent quality soundboard recording, particularly for its era. Well balanced document of an excellent, noisy performance. This circulating version originally came from the DAT master tape in the band's archives.

Taper unknown. Thanks to James Kuhn for circulating this show.

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