04-22-1989 Los Angeles CA USA

Venue: John Anson Ford Amphitheater

Opening Band: Jane's Addiction (headliner)

Nathan Robert's quote from an interview with The Flaming Lips Trading Post:

"There was an episode at the Jane’s Addiction show that was probably my most memorable.
As I mentioned before, I had only been in the band for ten days or so. We were opening for Jane at the Anson Ford Amphitheater. This was my first “big” show in my life and my adrenaline had been pumping all day. We had been doing radio and TV interviews all day, photo shoots with Rolling Stone and Spin, you know, all that stuff that you get in a band for in the first place. We played a great show and ended it with “Scratchin’ the Door”. At the end of the song, I demolished my drum set. What most people don’t know is… when drummers demolish a drum set, even though it usually truly happens in the moment, you don’t really want to hurt your drums to badly. They’re not cheap to replace. I walked off stage and Wayne and Michael did an acoustic encore of “What a Wonderful World”. While they were playing, the stage manager ran over to me and started screaming at me about all the expensive microphones that were attached to my drums (just a word of advise…right after a person walks off stage is not the best time to start messing with them). I assured him that everything was fine (in my own words) but I guess he didn’t believe me. Wayne and Michael finished, and we were sitting side stage gathering our composure when I heard a huge crash and turned around just in time to see my kick drum rolling on the cement. After the roadies had removed it from the stage, the stage manager had picked it up and hurled it about ten feet into a wall. I must have had smoke coming out of my ears, because as I approached the stage manager, two stage hands grabbed each of my arms, which is probably a good thing since I was going to kill him. As they held me back, I was going ballistic trying to get to him when I looked up, and with two stagehands holding both of my arms, he slugged me in the face. I was so astonished that I stopped instantly and just stood there with a confused look on my face. We both stood there staring at each other for about ten seconds. I wasn’t sure if he was about to hit me again or if he’d just shit his pants. Then 8 to 10 people jumped in and separated us. It just so happened that our attorney, Bill Berroll (real slime ball) was back stage and witnessed the whole thing. He handed the stage manager his card and assured him that he would be hearing from us. In the end, my drums were fine and so was my face (the guy hit like my Grandmother) so I never pursued anything. A year or so later we were playing the Whiskey a-Go-Go in LA and I couldn’t figure out why this one guy on the stage crew was kissing my ass all night (bringing me drinks, complimenting me, etc.) and finally at the end of the night while we were loading out, the guy came up and apologized for the incident. I hadn’t realized all night that this was the guy that had punched me in the face…so I kicked him in the nuts."


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