03-22-1989 Charlotte NC USA

Venue: Pteradactyl Club

This significant performance in Flaming Lips history was a two-man show with just Wayne and Michael, as Richard had quit the band just prior to this gig. Consequently, they were only paid two thirds of their cash guarantee. Wayne bantered much more than normal for a Lips show during this period, including making up a story about Richard's absence being caused by drug possession charges. A number of songs played are live rarities, including "Chrome Plated Suicide," "Godzilla Flick," "Ode To C.C. Pt. 2," "The Last Drog Of Morning Dew," and "Love Yer Brain." All songs featured unique, stripped-down arrangements.


Video and Audio was Recorded

FLACs are Available for Download
1989-03-22 Download 296MB

Great sounding audience tape that captures the vocals and guitars well. This show featured some rarely played songs, stripped down arrangements (though with frequent loud feedback bursts), and a large amount of Wayne banter, all particularly unique in the Lips' early years.

Taper unknown. Thanks to Phillip Gray for converting and sharing the show.

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