07-30-1995 Alternative Press 10th Anniversary Blow-Out Cleveland OH USA

Venue: Nautica Stage

Opening Band: Everclear, Jawbox, Soul Coughing, Luna, Gene, Shiner

The Lips ended up headlining the second day of this festival celebrating the 10th anniversary of Alternative Press magazine alone when Big Audio Dynamite pulled out of playing. This show featured the debut live performances of "When You Smile" and "Psychiatric Explorations Of The Fetus With Needles."


Audio was Recorded

FLACs are Available for Download
1995-07-30 Download 197MB

Previously uncirculated Lips show prior to its donation to the Brain. Great performance and setlist with average sound quality from a handheld audio recorder. Fun document of the first show of the Clouds Taste Metallic era.

Thanks to Jamie Ross for taping the show.

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