05-13-1995, San Francisco CA USA

Venue: Union Square

This was a free show put on by Live 105 in San Francisco's Union Square. Photos of it can be seen in the Waking Up With A Placebo Headwound book from pages 104-106. Steven Drozd comments, "Free shows in a park are usually a bust, but this one in downtown San Francisco turned out to be quite fun. I think we were surprised so many people came and stayed." The setlist features a few unique songs/arrangements, in particular the performance of "Jets Pt. 1" and the gradually building arrangement given to "Talkin' 'Bout The Smiling Deathporn Immortality Blues."


Video and Audio was Recorded

FLACs are Available for Download
1995-05-13 Download 132MB

Good sounding audience recording that suffers from some distortion and muffling on the low end. Despite this, it is an enjoyable, energetic performance featuring a nice setlist, including one of the best versions of "Everyone Wants To Live Forever" captured on tape.

Taper unknown. Thanks to James Kuhn for circulating this show.

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