07-23-2006 Los Angeles CA USA

Venue: The Hollywood Bowl

Opening Band: Thievery Corporation, OsMutantes

This show was originally slated to be the first UFO show but due to complications in construction or limitations from the Hollywood Bowl depending on who's story you believe, the UFO was not unveiled. Nevertheless the show was a big to-do for the Lips family as the show was professionally filmed by Director Bradley Beesley in high definition and recorded by Dave Fridmann in surround sound for a live DVD release. Fans were interviewed throughout the event, even Michael's Dad was in attendance. There were some shenanigans backstage before the show involving Andy Dick preventing the Lips from going on on time. A group of topless alien mermaid/insect women paraded around the audience passing out glowsticks and escorted Wayne in a bubble walk around the orchestra pit wall. Later Wayne suggested everyone throw their glowsticks down upon the stiffs in the box seats up front who were busy enjoying a sit down catered meal in the middle of the show. The hail of 10,000 glowsticks created quite a show. In the end The Lips and Warner Bros. decided on releasing the Oklahoma City show which took place several months later, and the strange footage from the Hollywood Bowl remained in the vault.


Video was Recorded

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