04-25-2009 McDowell Mountain Music Festival, Scottsdale AZ USA

Venue: Westworld Scottsdale

Opening Band: Matisyahu, RailRoad Earth, Indigenous, Young Dubliners, Random Karma, Ten Dollar Outfit

Wayne introduced the "Borderline" cover by explaining that they had originally intended to cover "Purple Rain," but Prince did not allow them (or anyone else) to cover his material, so they went with the Madonna song. Wayne then asked Steven to play "Purple Rain" for a few minutes as a surprise sing-along. "Happy Birthday" was sung for Jake, a Lips crew member and Animal Wrangler. "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1" included Kliph dancing (and smoking) in a homemade "pink robot" costume that had been tossed on stage by a fan earlier in the set. "All We Have Is Now" was included in the setlist but cut for time.

McDowell Mountain Music Festival


Video and Audio was Recorded

FLACs are Available for Download
2009-04-25 Download 487MB

Great quality and well balanced audience audio recording with some crowd noise/talking. DVD download also available. Great quality video paired with the audio above.

Thanks to Drock for taping the show.

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