06-27-2012 O Music Awards Memphis TN USA

Venue: The Handy Park Pavillion

Opening Band: New Fumes

This show was part of the Flaming Lips' successful attempt for MTV's O Music Awards to break the Guinness World Record for most live concerts within a 24-hour period in multiple cities. The show was webcast live from "Girl, You're So Weird" (the official start of the record attempt) onwards. This performance marked the live debuts of "Girl, You're So Weird" and "It's Summertime." New Fumes, collaborator on "Girl, You're So Weird," played with the Lips during the set. Wayne's bubble walk was performed during "On The Run."


Video and Audio was Recorded

MP3s are Available for Download
06-27-28-2012 Download 337MB

720p MP4 video file (2.8GB) also available. Great quality audio and video files compiling all performances from the 24-hour record attempt webcast. Includes Wayne and Jackson Browne performing "The Weight" on the tour bus between shows. Audio problems during Hattiesburg show. Many song debuts, rarities, and unique covers.

Thanks to LipsTaper and James Kuhn for recording the webcast and LipsTaper for compiling the files.

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Complete tour video. Full-quality MP4 video download available above.

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