Bad Days

"Bad Days" was the oldest song included on Clouds Taste Metallic, having already been featured in the film Batman Forever as well as on the Providing Needles EP.

You're sorta stuck where you are
But in your dreams you can buy expensive cars
Or live on Mars
And have it your way

And you hate your boss at your job
Well, in your dreams you can blow his head off
In your dreams
Show no mercy

And all your bad days will end
And all your bad days will end
You have to sleep late when you can
And all your bad days will end

And all your bad days will end
And all your bad days will end
You have to sleep late when you can
And all your bad days will end

Alternate Versions

Bad Days (Aurally Excited Version)

This version was Dave Fridmann's mix of the song for Batman Forever and Clouds Taste Metallic. It is slightly different from the original Keith Cleversley Providing Needles mix. Wayne's quote: "We had remixed it for the film - before it was very low-fi. It's not that I'm a fan of low-fi stuff, but this was sort of...inferior-hi."

Bad Days (Edit)

This version was shortened by 55 seconds for release as a single.

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Batman Forever - 1995


"Bad Days" was commonly performed from the Transmissions through the Clouds Taste Metallic era. Steven would provide the keyboard intro and then play drums for the rest of the song. In May 2009, "Bad Days" tied for first place with "Slow Nerve Action" for the song most requested to be brought back to the live set in a fan poll on The Flaming Lips Messageboard. It was subsequently played at the next United States show the Lips performed, the 2009 Pitchfork Festival.


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07/16/1994 Tinley Park IL USA World Music Theatre Lollapalooza
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08/30/2009 Boston MA USA Bank of America Pavilion Download Available
08/29/2009 Philadelphia PA USA Festival Pier At Penn's Landing Download Available
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08/23/2009 Morrison CO USA Red Rocks Amphitheatre Download Available
08/21/2009 Redmond WA USA Marymoor Park Download Available
08/20/2009 Troutdale OR USA Edgefield Amphitheater Download Available
08/18/2009 Pomona CA USA Fox Theater Download Available
07/19/2009 Chicago IL USA Union Park Pitchfork Music Festival Download Available
07/20/1999 Minneapolis MN USA First Avenue  


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