Lightning Strikes The Postman

Wayne's quote from Staring At Sound:

"That was an inside joke that we would have about Ronald, and it was a song that Ronald sort of wrote. He had the basic chords and melody, and we filled in the gaps with the arrangement. It was about the idea that we would be in the control room after a twelve-hour session of his playing, and we would all feel like there was at least a fundamental understanding of what he was going to add to the song next, but in between him leaving the control room and picking up his guitar, the lightning would strike the postman, and whatever he was meant to deliver to use had utterly changed. We'd ask, 'Twenty seconds ago, didn't we talk about this exact thing?,' but he'd have an inexplicable response to whatever we were asking for. It was funny that the one song he was the instigator of was actually about him."

I got yer letter it had turned to sand
Lighting strikes the postman in his hand
I hope that you remember
The things you had to say
It's just a supernatural delay

I got yer package it was all a mess
Lightning strikes the postman in his chest
I hope that you remember
The things you had to say
It's just a supernatural delay

I sent you a postcard and I hope yer fine
But lightning strike the postman all the time
I couldn't really think of anything to say
It's just a supernatural delay
And it's hard to read the writing through the flames


"Lightning Strikes The Postman" has proven to be the longest-lived of the Clouds Taste Metallic tracks live. It has been played during the touring to support Clouds, The Soft Bulletin, Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, and At War With The Mystics. With Ronald, the song kept its guitar assault, but after his departure became much more synthesizer strings-based, interspersed with some of Steven's guitar. Briefly during the Yoshimi period, Steven handled guitar on the song full time.


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10/16/1995 Rotterdam The Netherlands The Ahoy
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04/25/2009 Scottsdale AZ USA Westworld Scottsdale McDowell Mountain Music Festival Download Available
04/19/2009 Washington DC USA The National Mall Earth Day On The National Mall  
04/18/2009 Nashville TN USA Alumni Lawn At Vanderbilt University Rites Of Spring Music Festival  
11/26/2005 São Paulo Brazil Claro Q É Rock  
10/15/2005 Pacific Ocean USA Carnival's Paradise Ship Xingolati  
07/30/2005 San Diego CA USA Qualcomm Stadium Parking Lot Street Scene  
07/15/2005 Masontown WV USA Marvin's Mountain Main Stage All Good Music Festival  
12/31/2004 New York NY USA Madison Square Garden New Year's Eve Download Available
09/21/2004 Austin TX USA KLRU Studio Austin City Limits Download Available
12/31/2003 Chicago IL USA Aragon Ballroom New Year's Eve  


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Wayne Coyne - McDowell Mountain Music Festival 2009
McDowell Mountain Music Festival
Westworld Scottsdale
Scottsdale AZ - USA
New Year's Eve
Chicago IL - USA

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