Maximum Dream For Evil Knievel

Michael's quote from Staring At Sound:

"'Maximum Dream For Evil Knievel' is our idea of what [Led Zeppelin's] 'Black Dog' would be if someone tried to write a song like that today."

Well, we're standin' in the kitchen
And we're cookin' us some chicken
And the house is burnin' down
And we don't really care

See the children of the dealers
They're all kissin' their dead daddies
And their eyes are seein' backwards
They can't hear but they can sigh

Exploding butterflies hit and run
Evil Knievel jumped the gun

Well, as far as I'm concerned
They all do it 'cause they wanna
So don't come around my backyard
Smokin' marijuana, yeah

Discography Appearances


"Maximum Dream For Evil Knievel" was played following the release of Oh My Gawd, but has not returned to the setlist since.


Live Performances

07/17/1987 Hoboken NJ USA Maxwell's
The Brain has documented 6 Performances
The Brain has documented 3 Live Downloads available
02/08/1988 Norman OK USA University Of Oklahoma Student Union Download Available
01/03/1988 Cincinnati OH USA  
01/02/1988 Boston MA USA The Rat  
09/11/1987 Charlotte NC USA Milestone Club  
07/29/1987 Chapel Hill NC USA Cat's Cradle Download Available
07/17/1987 Hoboken NJ USA Maxwell's Download Available


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