One Million Billionth Of A Millisecond On A Sunday Morning

Wayne's Notes from A Collection Of Songs Representing An Enthusiasm For Recording...By Amateurs: The Flaming Lips 1984-1990:

"Our first attempt at the 'expanded' theme type song... Beginning uses of 'accidental musicalness'... At the time me and Michael were doing some un-scientific, sleep-deprivation experiments on ourselves...comparing the hallucinations to our (very limited) acid experiences."

Wayne and Michael's quotes from The Bob:

Wayne: A really long build-up song. People think it's like a Pink Floyd song. We didn't know what the record company would think. On tape you can't tell how long it is, but you get the record and it's long! Nine and a half minutes. And we like that; we listen to songs and it doesn't matter if they're ten minutes if it's a good song. We had this concept - it's like you sit there, when you did acid and stuff, and you can look at something and get so carried away in it that time just goes on...

Michael: Because then you 'wake up' and no time's gone by at all and you think, I've been sitting here for two days or something!

Wayne: And that's why that length of it is put in there. It's a really long song but we're talking about a miniscule part of time and taking it for all it's worth.

Michael: It's quiet, then it builds up, then back down again.

Wayne: It really gets heavy live! We were listening to it in the studios and every time it came on we were like -

Michael: We were on chairs and stuff - 'Yes! Yes!'

Wayne: 'Satan, come into our bodies!' We were really into it!

Richard's quote from Staring At Sound:

"'One Million Billionth' is the quintessential Lips song to me, because it's all about this huge universe in this tiny pinhead. We were all just standing on chairs in the studio and shouting, 'This is too good!'"

During the credits footage of The Fearless Freaks, Steven declared that "One Million Billionth" was his favorite Lips song featuring Richard English.

Early in the morning, just before the dawn
I turn my T.V. on and watch the fuzz

The sun scrapes away the first layers of the day
Nothing is meant, this is a beautiful accident

This could be the sunrise, or I could be wrong
'Cause sometimes what looks like the sunrise
Turns out to be an atom bomb
Bombs are comin' in cereal packages!
Bombs are comin' in cereal packages!

Early in the morning, just before the dawn
I turn my T.V. on and watch the fuzz


With its expansive sound and dynamic buildup, "One Million Billionth Of A Millisecond On A Sunday Morning" was a staple of live Lips performances through multiple lineups from 1987 through 1994. From 1992 to 1994, it often segued into the instrumental, "The Process." In May 2009, it placed third in a poll on The Flaming Lips messageboard to determine the song that fans on the board most wanted to hear in future shows.


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10/18/1986 Bozeman MT USA Filling Station
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11/01/1994 USA  
10/30/1994 Detroit MI USA State Theater Download Available
09/07/1994 Norman OK USA Sooner Theatre Download Available
04/01/1994 Oklahoma City OK USA State Fair Arena KJ-103 Birthday Bash Download Available
12/10/1993 Chicago IL USA The Metro  
12/07/1993 Milwaukee WI USA Shank Hall  
10/31/1993 Norman OK USA  
10/08/1993 San Francisco CA USA The Kennel Club Download Available
08/03/1993 New York NY USA Roseland Ballroom  
07/30/1993 Harvey's Lake PA USA Bud Light Amphitheatre Download Available


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