Pompeii Am Götterdämmerung

Wayne's Notes from the Album:

"A galloping Godhead melody (reminiscent of the German National Anthem) telling a vague story of a young couple planning their suicide. They live in a place where there are volcanoes erupting and they are going to take the train up the mountain and jump into the flowing lava as a symbolic sacrifice of their restricted love. The triumphant quality of the arrangement suggests that, just before they obliterate themselves, they realize that to make such a decision, to destroy yourself, is really just a point of internal motivation leading to outward action. And, if they could do something as extreme as annihilating themselves, why couldn't they just try to change the circumstances that have limited them?.... Action is all we have.... Worth mentioning is that this is Steven's first lead vocal on a Flaming Lips track..."

Running to the station holding hands
Now the volcano is flowing red
Something there will change us into sand

Now we'll be forever holding hands
Lava and tephra will form our bed
Now the royal flames of Pompeii bless
All our senses, all our senses, all our senses


"Pompeii Am Götterdämmerung" was the last song to be worked up for touring to support At War With The Mystics, as it took multiple attempts for the band to find a suitable live arrangement. During initial performances in spring 2007, Wayne sang the vocals with Steven, but starting shortly thereafter Steven took solo vocal duties while Wayne concentrated on hitting the gong and playing with streamers.


Live Performances

04/11/2007 Athens GA USA Classic Center
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12/05/2012 New York NY USA The Darby Ray Ban 75th Anniversary  
09/11/2012 Big Sur CA USA Henry Miller Memorial Library folkYEAH  
09/09/2012 Dana Point CA USA Doheny State Beach Doheny Days  
07/20/2012 Thornville OH USA Legend Valley All Good Music Festival Download Available
06/09/2012 Manchester England Platt Fields Park Parklife Weekender  
06/08/2012 Porto Portugal Parque Da Cidade Optimus Primavera Sound  
06/01/2012 Dallas TX USA Gexa Energy Pavilion KXT Summer Cut - The Happy Funtime Fest  
05/19/2012 Atlanta GA USA Olympic Centennial Park Party In The Park  
12/31/2011 Oklahoma City OK USA Bricktown Events Center  
12/27/2011 Aspen CO USA Belly Up Aspen  


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Cox Center
Oklahoma City OK - USA
Fox Theater
Pomona CA - USA
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Greek Theater
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Del Mar Race Track
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McDowell Mountain Music Festival
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Maplewood MN - USA
The Flaming Lips - SoCo Music Experience - Madison, WI
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