Riding To Work In The Year 2025

(Your Invisible Now)

Wayne's Notes from the Album:

"This song is about a kind of comfortable paranoia that I feel like everybody has a certain amount of. The character in the song imagines that he is a secret agent on his way to work in the distant future… In his own mind he is the most important man on the planet and bears the responsibility of saving mankind, or something like that. Anyway, so even though it is fake, it makes him feel important. He has a 'mission.' And one day while on this 'imaginary' ride to work he imagines that the pressure of becoming the most important secret agent in the world has become too much, and he collapses into insanity right there, as the morning sun beams through of this futuristic shuttle train... but the 'realness' of this supposed 'imagined' insanity leaves our character stunned that he could so vividly envision his own psychological demise. He is surprised, and panics, and screams… and wonders, is insanity just imagination that can’t find it’s way back to reality?"

Wayne stated before playing this song at shows in fall 2007 that it was an emotional piece for him and he wrote it at the only time in his life in which he had contemplated suicide.

According to Kliph, the "Your Invisible Now" subtitle was incorrectly written that way on cassette or tracking sheet and the band liked the possessive "your" versus "you're/you are," so they kept it that way on the final release.

On some driven ship
The morning commuter ride
Everything is orange and bright
In reflection you can see
You’re standing paralyzed
Your suspended disbelief has lied

You're invisible now
And I know that it’s hard to get used to
'Cause you’re the last secret agent reporting back
But you’re reporting back to nothing

You're invisible now
And I know that it’s hard to get used to
You're invisible now
And I know that it’s hard to get used to

The panoramic scene
The landscape's grande design
The moment overtakes your life
In the silver morning sun
The worst is magnified
It makes you see the use of Christ


"Riding To Work In The Year 2025" was played during the Soft Bulletin era and revived for the fall 2007 shows in honor of Zaireeka's tenth anniversary. The backing video includes footage from the cult classic science-fiction film, THX 1138.


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