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"Scratchin' The Door" was the most performed song from the self-titled Flaming Lips EP, maintaining a presence in setlists all the way up to 1989. It would often be stretched out into an extended jam incorporating several cover songs.


Live Performances

04/20/1984 Dallas TX USA Theatre Gallery
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10/21/1989 Chico CA USA The Burro Room At Hey Juan's Burritos Download Available
10/20/1989 Davis CA USA University Of California Davis Coffee House Download Available
10/11/1989 Charlotte NC USA Pteradactyl Club  
09/30/1989 Normal IL USA  
09/29/1989 Milwaukee WI USA BMU Grill At Marquette University  
04/22/1989 Los Angeles CA USA John Anson Ford Amphitheater  
03/19/1989 Philadelphia PA USA  
03/15/1989 Boston MA USA The Rat  
12/03/1988 Kuba Hanay Germany Download Available
11/30/1988 Copenhagen Denmark Barbue Download Available


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