Staring At Sound

I just got one thing to say
Oh, it's a beautiful day
Let's just not talk about the gloom
Let's all go die in my living room

I want to be a movie star
And play the part of a man from outer space
When we meet, I'll fall in love with you
And we have sex, but I don't know what to do, what to do

I want to hear some band play
A song that sounds just like you look
And when they play, I'll follow them around
'Cause all I'd do is stare at the sound

I'd just stare at the sound
I'd just stare at the sound
I'd just go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck
Hey, hey
What, what, what, what

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Hear It Is

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Finally The Punk Rockers Are Taking Acid



"Staring At Sound" was frequently played live following its release, sometimes coupled with the reprise of "With You," like on the Hear It Is album, and occasionally featuring another song entirely in its middle section.


Live Performances

10/18/1986 Bozeman MT USA Filling Station
The Brain has documented 20 Performances
The Brain has documented 9 Live Downloads available
03/15/1989 Boston MA USA The Rat  
12/03/1988 Kuba Hanay Germany Download Available
11/30/1988 Copenhagen Denmark Barbue Download Available
10/01/1988 Norman OK USA  
03/11/1988 New Brunswick NJ USA Cook Student Center At Rutgers University Download Available
02/27/1988 Bozeman MT USA The Molly Brown  
02/08/1988 Norman OK USA University Of Oklahoma Student Union Download Available
01/03/1988 Cincinnati OH USA  
01/02/1988 Boston MA USA The Rat  
11/28/1987 Hoboken NJ USA Maxwell's  


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