The Firebird Suite

"The Firebird Suite: Finale" was composed by Igor Stravinsky for his 1910 ballet, The Firebird. In addition to the ballet score, there are three major versions of the music that Stravinsky arranged for concert performance. The version that the Lips have covered as a coda to "Vein Of Stars" and used as their PA intro is from the famous 1919 Suite, also known as "Concert Suite For Orchestra No. 2." The specific version the Lips use is conducted by Erich Leinsdorf and can be purchased at Amazon.



The Lips have covered a portion of Igor Stravinsky's "The Firebird Suite: Finale" as a live coda to "Vein Of Stars" since late summer 2006. It is often accompanied by a darkened stage and green lasers shooting out from behind the band. In addition, another part of the "Finale" has served as their prerecorded PA stage introduction from 2006 to the present.


Live Performances

08/05/2006 Chicago IL USA Grant Park Lollapalooza
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12/31/2010 Oklahoma City OK USA Cox Center New Year's Eve Download Available
04/22/2010 Bloomington IN USA Indiana University Auditorium Little 500 Download Available
04/18/2010 Ithaca NY USA Barton Hall At Cornell University  
03/12/2010 Austin TX USA Austin Music Hall  
12/31/2009 Oklahoma City OK USA Cox Center New Year's Eve  
11/11/2009 London England The Troxy Download Available
11/01/2009 New Orleans LA USA New Orleans City Park Voodoo Music Experience  
10/18/2009 San Francisco CA USA Treasure Island Treasure Island Music Festival  
09/18/2009 Columbus OH USA Lifestyle Communities Pavilion  
09/13/2009 Monticello NY USA Kutsher's Country Club All Tomorrow's Parties New York Download Available


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