There You Are

(Jesus Song No. 7)

The inspiration behind "There You Are" stemmed from a spooky night on tour in April 1989. On the drive between Santa Monica and San Francisco, the Lips passed a car that had crashed into the highway divider going the wrong way. They saw the driver laying face down in the road and tried to call for help, but the driver was already dead. They watched as it rained and the police removed his body from the road.

The Lips wanted the recording of "There You Are" to match the ominous mood that inspired it, so they decided to record it with acoustic guitars along U.S. Route 90 next to Tops Supermarket in Fredonia in the middle of the night during a full eclipse. Ambient sounds of crickets and trucks on the highway can be heard in the recording, enhancing the atmosphere.

Michael's quote from Staring At Sound:

"It had a slight air of 'We're not really supposed to be doing this,' and there was a definite question of, 'What are we going to say if a cop shows up?' But really the only thing they could have gotten us on was stealing electricity."

Dave Fridmann's quote from Staring At Sound:

"It was like, 'You wanna go record by the freeway? Great! Pick up some mikes and let's go do it. The sky's the limit!' We kept trying to capture bigger and weirder sounds, and once we realized what we could do, it spiraled out of control."

In 1991 before he joined the band, Ronald Jones impressed Wayne by playing "There You Are" on an acoustic guitar. When Ronald asked Wayne if he had played it correctly, Wayne incredulously responded, "Well, yeah, you're playing it right, but you're playing both guitar parts at once!"

There you are
And you stand in the rain
And the rain fills your brain
And it makes you think that God
Was fucked up when he made this town

There you stand
With your bleedin' hands
And you don't understand
Why you work so goddamn hard
To be anything at all

There you are
And you're driving your car
And you wish for the stars
And you end up face down in the road
Dead as fuck

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"There You Are" has been a live rarity, with only five documented performances. Ronald would employ his effects pedals live to give a symphonic effect to the song's gentle finale.


Live Performances

10/21/1989 Chico CA USA The Burro Room At Hey Juan's Burritos
The Brain has documented 6 Performances
The Brain has documented 4 Live Downloads available
09/18/1995 Chicago IL USA Tower Records  
01/28/1995 Norman OK USA The Water Palace Download Available
08/11/1992 Oklahoma City OK USA Rock City Cafe Download Available
12/09/1990 Norman OK USA The Annex Download Available
11/01/1990 Norman OK USA The Annex  
10/21/1989 Chico CA USA The Burro Room At Hey Juan's Burritos Download Available


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