Thirty-Five Thousand Feet Of Despair

Wayne's Notes from the Album:

"A short drama about a pilot who’s losing his mind little by little. He fears for the safety of his family when he’s at home. He fears for the safety of his passengers when he’s flying. Finally he fears he can no longer control himself and during a transatlantic flight he leaves the cockpit to go tot the bathroom and hangs himself… The story is told from the perspective of a news guy reporting from the airport as the plane comes in to land, this is on CD No. 1. On CD No. 2 is the pilot's “still sane” side as he walks down the aisle on the way to the bathroom. CD No. 3 is is the sound of the airport expecting a sad, heavy, nighttime arrival. CD No. 4 is the “not sane” side of the pilot, sort of unconnected and eerie, the vocals were run through a series of effects that, at times, sound like someone is laughing."

Another moth disintegrates
Hovering, in the beam of a searchlight (searchlight)
That’s looking for a trace of a plane
Whose pilot it’s a shame, has gone insane
You can see his silhouette across the moon
He hung himself mid-flight in the bathroom

Why is it so high?
Why is it so much?
Why is it so high?
Why is it so much?


Live Performances

03/17/1999 Dallas TX USA Trees
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12/06/2002 Long Beach CA USA Long Beach Terrace Theatre  
11/30/2002 Seattle WA USA Benaroya Hall  
11/27/2002 Oakland CA USA Paramount Theatre Download Available
11/22/2002 Las Vegas NV USA The Joint  
11/14/2002 Fort Worth TX USA Will Rogers Auditorium  
11/13/2002 Houston TX USA Jones Hall  
11/12/2002 Austin TX USA Bass Concert Hall  
10/18/2002 Chicago IL USA The Chicago Theater  
09/07/2001 Chicago IL USA Randolph St & Ogden Ave Rockin' Ribfest  
11/05/2000 Leeds England Metropolitan University  


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