U.F.O. Story

"U.F.O. Story" features a spoken story introduction in which Wayne recounts two instances when he and his brother Mark saw six U.F.O.s in Oklahoma City as children, followed by an instrumental jam simulating the sound of the U.F.O.s and a gorgeous piano coda written and performed by Richard. Though he meant it to sound spontaneous on the album, Wayne had the story well-rehearsed and had already performed it at several shows before the Lips went to record it for Telepathic Surgery.

All right, so the other day, I was talking with Michael Stipe, we were talking about the very first memory you had, the first very thing in your head. And, I think I sort of freaked him out a little bit. 'Cause I told him when I was about three or four years old, me and my little brother used to go out in our back yard and and we'd go out on the swing set there, and we would climb on top of the swing set, and we could sit up there up all night and then watch these drive-in movies that were about, you know like a half-mile away over on this hill. We'd just sit up there all night and we would, we just watched the movies. Okay, and we had a pretty good view of like the sky there, you could see the sky pretty good as we watch the movies. Okay, one night we're out there, sitting up there watching movies like usual and we were watching the horizon there and six U.F.O.s, no kidding, are in formation right there. Really, I mean right there, in formation, there's six U.F.O.s right there, okay? So, we're just little kids, (okay) and it sort of freaks us out a little bit. So I get down, I get down off the swing set and I go in to get mom, because that's what you do when you're a little kid, you just go and get mom, because weird shit's happening. So by the time I come back with mom to check it out, they're gone. (Dude.) Okay, and so no one believed me, okay. So I'm about ten or eleven, and me and Mark are playing football on this field by our house, okay, and we've had about enough, we've been playing for a while, and we're getting ready to go in, and we're walking to the house there, okay, and it's, this is real, it's the same sort of deal, you can see sky pretty good, the sun's sorta going down, it's still pretty light out, you know what I mean, okay? And, we're watching, we're walking up there, watching up there near the horizon and, no bullshit, the same six U.F.O.s are right there in full formation. (Whoa, that's heavy, dude.) Right there, dude, I know, man, right there in formation. And we don't freak out this time, okay, 'cause we, you know, we saw 'em already. We just sit there, and they're right there, hovering right over our heads, man. And we sit there, and they come closer and closer, and we're just sitting there, here we go, we're waiting on them, they're coming towards us, and they made this really weird sound, and I'll never forget it. It made this sound, and it sounded like this, like this, like this, like this, like this, like this...

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"U.F.O. Story" was performed live by the Lips in 1988 and 1989, always inserted into the middle of performances of "Jesus Shootin' Heroin."


Live Performances

02/08/1988 Norman OK USA University Of Oklahoma Student Union
The Brain has documented 5 Performances
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03/22/1989 Charlotte NC USA Pteradactyl Club Download Available
11/30/1988 Copenhagen Denmark Barbue Download Available
03/11/1988 New Brunswick NJ USA Cook Student Center At Rutgers University Download Available
02/27/1988 Bozeman MT USA The Molly Brown  
02/08/1988 Norman OK USA University Of Oklahoma Student Union Download Available


Live Video

"U.F.O. Story" begins at the 58-second mark of the video.

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