In this bogus town we ain't got nothing to do
Everybody's pretty cool, hate to stoop
Thinking they're great, some new kind of drug
They got their wires pulled out, tell ya man they're unplugged
They're unplugged

Everybody here is a mental case
Their eyes are staring out into space
Try to talk to them and I really get burned
Nobody's home, I tell ya man they're unplugged
They're unplugged

There's too many dumb-fucks
Man, it really sucks
Spending all their bucks
They're all unplugged, in their heads, come on
In their heads


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Live Performances

12/23/1985 San Francisco CA USA I-Beam
The Brain has documented 18 Performances
The Brain has documented 7 Live Downloads available
03/19/1989 Philadelphia PA USA  
03/15/1989 Boston MA USA The Rat  
12/03/1988 Kuba Hanay Germany Download Available
11/06/1988 Oklahoma City OK USA The Blue Note Download Available
02/08/1988 Norman OK USA University Of Oklahoma Student Union Download Available
01/03/1988 Cincinnati OH USA  
01/02/1988 Boston MA USA The Rat  
01/01/1988 Manhattan KS USA  
11/28/1987 Hoboken NJ USA Maxwell's  
10/03/1987 Hollywood CA USA Club Lingerie  


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