When You Smile

Wayne's quote from Staring At Sound:

It's about how everything you thought was perfect about the world came together in that second when this person smiled. I remember at the time thinking that Sade could sing it."

The main riff and drumbeat of "When You Smile" was also used for the instrumental B-Side "When You Smiled I Lost My Only Idea."

It's like I never had to see it in your eyes or feel it
I could tell when you smile

It's like (it's like) I didn't need to (I didn't need to)
Say anything or do much
I could tell when you smile

All of the subatomic pieces come together
And unfold themselves in a second

Every single molecule is right
When all of the subatomic pieces come together
And unfold themselves in a second


"When You Smile" was frequently played following its release on Clouds Taste Metallic, and continued to be a part of the setlist during the touring to support The Soft Bulletin. It has not been played since, though it placed fourth in a May 2009 poll on The Flaming Lips Messageboard to determine the songs the fans would most like to see played at future shows.


Live Performances

07/30/1995 Cleveland OH USA Nautica Stage Alternative Press 10th Anniversary Blow-Out
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11/05/2000 Leeds England Metropolitan University  
10/14/2000 Milwaukee WI USA The Rave  
09/30/2000 Athens GA USA 40 Watt Club  
09/29/2000 Asheville NC USA Music Zone  
05/12/2000 London England Royal Festival Hall City Slang Night  
04/26/2000 Chicago IL USA Metro Download Available
04/24/2000 Madison WI USA Barrymore Theatre  
04/23/2000 Bloomington IN USA Buskirk-Chumley Theatre Download Available
04/14/2000 Baltimore MD USA Fletcher's  
04/10/2000 Atlanta GA USA Masquerade  


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